Our Story

Health Discovery is a New Zealand owned family business that was founded only five years ago. We started off in a small factory about the size of a garage where we hand made a couple of Chia Bars.

Nature’s Benefits


I was fortunate enough to try one of your bars the other day while I was in desperate need of some food out riding in the Redwoods. This little bar of goodness was everything I needed and more.
“I am a health freak, fitness addict and training for my first ironman and find your bars to be the perfect snack to keep me going so thank you for making this product”
I think your Superfood bars are absolutely fantastic, and a real stand out in the current market.” “I’ve been doing some nutritional values comparisons with other ‘healthy’ bars we use and it’s simply no comparison - the content is superior and the ingredients are truly the healthiest I’ve seen.
Congratulations on making such a great product - we love how these bars are all natural - but taste amazing!
I think your Superfood bars are absolutely fantastic, and a real stand out in the current market.” “I was visiting your wonderful country last November and someone gave me a Chia Super food bar - Chia Apricot and Manuka Honey. That was the best bar I ever tasted.


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