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Nature’s Best Bar None

We source the best natural ingredients from around the world - superfoods that are full of energy and packed with goodness.
Raw nutrients for easy absorption with naturally occurring antioxidants and multivitamins.
Our world first breakthrough Probiotic bar, - a vital component of digestive and Gut Health is part of this extraordinary range.
All products are Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Paleo. No added anything, just irresistibly delicious.
Nature’s Best Bar None

Live Well. Stay Well

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Fresh from our Health Discovery team we share the latest research, breakthroughs and tips to keep you healthy & living well.

"I was fortunate enough to try one of your bars the other day while I was in desperate need of some food out riding in the Redwoods. This little bar of goodness was everything I needed and more."

– Mike Robertson : Mountain Biker, Race Endure

“I am a health freak, fitness addict and training for my first ironman and find your bars to be the perfect snack to keep me going so thank you for making this product”

– Anna Hoskin : Fitness Addict, Ironman Competitor

“I think your Superfood bars are absolutely fantastic, and a real stand out in the current market.”

“I’ve been doing some nutritional values comparisons with other ‘healthy’ bars we use and it’s simply no comparison - the content is superior and the ingredients are truly the healthiest I’ve seen.”

– Emma & Ben : Embracing It, Nutrition and Fitness Advisors

“I think your Superfood bars are absolutely fantastic, and a real stand out in the current market.” “I was visiting your wonderful country last November and someone gave me a Chia Super food bar - Chia Apricot and Manuka Honey. That was the best bar I ever tasted.”

– Juanita Prebble : Jet Setter

Congratulations on making such a great product - we love how these bars are all natural - but taste amazing!

– Shay and Brooke Neal : Black Sticks Olympians

“As a nutritionist my goal is gaining optimal health through the foods we eat - whole, natural unprocessed foods and feeding your body as many nutrients as possible”.

Emily Hope, Hope Nutrition
NZ Registered Nutritionist BSc, MSc (Human Nutrition)

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