100% Passion. 100% Natural.

There’s a lot of passion and belief around our Health Discovery team. We began with the vision and determination to source only the world’s best natural, raw materials that deliver significant health and performance benefits.

We were equally determined to source only GMO, GF, dairy free, and for our new bars – Probiotics. Oh, and lest we forget, each bar had to be taste-tested and trialled until that formula was delicious. Bottom line we wanted the best all-natural Super Food bars that were also the best tasting bars on the market. We think we’ve succeeded. You decide.

Nature’s Laboratory

We’re constantly testing ingredients to make sure they meet our exacting standards and we trial many different and unique product formulations until we achieve the best combination for health, taste and performance. Only then do they become part of the Health Discovery range and meet the standard of “providing compelling and superior health benefits” to you.

The natural Multivitamins and Nutrients in our raw foods, are just that, all natural and so are easily absorbed by the body so they can be utilized, when needed. Unlike almost all other bars, our Super Food Bars contain no processed supplements or additives. Just goodness that works!

Hand made for You

Our products are hand made in individual batches - ensuring we retain the natural Bio –Active ingredients that make Super Foods – “Super” and the nutrients available to help nourish the body.  

We know that athletes are already gaining benefit from our Super Food bars, but so are the medical staff at our busiest hospitals, which is why we make our bars for New Zealand DHB standards because our major purchasers here are Medical Practitioners.

It has taken a lot of work, by a great team, to research and find the world’s best Superfoods and develop an ingredients formula that delivers real functional benefits.

Super Food Ingredients for your complete diet

We can’t supply all the the RDI’s you need for healthy living in a single 40gm bar but we can sell you the Super Food ingredients in sufficient quantity that YOU can. When you purchase online please post your feedback, we would welcome your recipes.

Enjoy them individually, in cereals, your morning smoothie, or with dips and toppings. 

Whatever you do, you have our guarantee of natural quality and a unique range of beneficial products. Mother Nature after all knows best.