Health Discovery is a New Zealand owned family business that was founded only five years ago. We started off in a small factory about the size of a garage where we hand made a couple of Chia Bars.  

We chose Chia seeds as our first ever ingredient as they were little power houses of nutrition and were introduced in a bestselling book called “Born to Run” about the Mexican Tarahumara people – a tribe of superb ultra-athletes. Their chia water mixture was described as “a 10,000 year old Red Bull.” That caught our attention and was really our first “discovery.” 

We mixed, weighed and cooked by hand the Chia seeds with Blueberries, Apricot, Nuts and Manuka Honey into two 40gm “Superfood bars.” (We still do much the same). 

For the first year we would bring these home, call the courier every couple of days or so, (who would carry them down a flight of stairs to the van) and deliver them to what was a then a very limited customer base. It took us years to get passed the stairs bit!  

But we stuck at it, believed in what we were trying to do and extended the range. We introduced a Goji Berry, a Probiotic and an Inca Bar. Slowly we increased our sales and began to grow a loyal base of customers. Some of the same staff are still with us and remain passionate for driving innovation and extraordinary quality for our customers.

The inspiration for all this is summed up in our name, Health Discovery.

Our vision and purpose then and now - is to find and celebrate the world’s best natural ingredients with inherent health benefits gifted to us by nature. 

Our small team are a melting pot of cultures, real people doing the best they can, every day, to make, what we believe are amongst the best and most innovative products in the world.

We have grown the business slowly, without compromising our quality or our passion for what we do.  Around two years ago, we launched a range of Nutrient Crackers. Other people noticed.  

Our pick of the most innovative global launches in the last 12 months” 

 Mintel – The world’s leading market intelligence agency 

We take pride doing this right here in New Zealand, Hamilton in fact - with the support of small and dedicated team of just 16 people. We use only the bare minimum of processing. We take care to try and retain the natural properties found in the ingredients we source, from fruits to seeds to honey and nuts.

Nature and our planet provide for us - natural foods with inherent benefits to our health. We should treasure that and keep it safe.

Our purpose and our goal, is to continue searching and discovering the best of what nature has to offer and bring these together in a way that is both nutritious and tastes as nature intended-delicious.