Paleo in a nut shell

Eating Paleo is all about eating the way our body was designed to eat.

The human has been evolving for nigh on two million years. Before we became agrarian or cultivated the land (which afterall was only a blink in our evolution) we ate lots of veggies, a fair bit of grass-fed meat, some nuts, berries, fruits, and of course no processed food.

10,000 years ago, however, this all changed. Enter the farming revolution and exit our previous healthy diets.

Today we live in a society where 60% of the population is obese, type 2 diabetes (caused purely by bad food choices) is epidemic, cancer is rife and at least 15% of us will die of heart disease. Most of these problems can be attributed to bad food choices.

Eating Paleo allows us to get back to a natural state. To eat foods that our body was designed to process efficiently and to be a lot healthier for it.

What is Ketogenisis?

When we eat an abundance of carbohydrates, our body recognises this as easy energy and opts to burn the carbs for energy and store fat for later. This is a survival mechanism.

What our body wasn’t prepared for is eating massively energy dense carbohydrates for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and dessert, every day, non-stop.

When we cut complex carbohydrates, sugars and starches out of our diet and eat good fats and proteins, our body - through Ketogenisis - switches into a mode where it burns fat for energy.

It’s this state that allows our bodies to work most efficiently.

When we burn fat for energy we become lean, we feel better and we have much more, longer-lasting energy. They offer a much more sustained energy that doesn’t spike dramatically and lasts a long time. By ensuring we put only naturally occurring Paleo free nutrients into our Super Food Bars we know we’re helping your body perform at its best!

Health Discovery wants you to be leaner, healthier and feel better!


Written by Bianca Don

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