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High Performance fuel On the Run

High Performance fuel On the Run

Athletes have much higher energy and nutrient requirements because they are not only feeding their bodies to perform in everyday life, but they are also fuelling their bodies to perform in their chosen sporting arena.

 To perform optimally, athletes need to ensure they are consistently eating nutrient-dense wholefoods that provide carbohydrates for energy – especially for intense and prolonged exercise to enhance performance. Athletes also need a constant intake of quality protein throughout the day at both meals and snacks to provide much needed amino acids for muscle growth and repair.  Nutritious sources of fat are also important for athletes as it adds flavour and texture to food as well as playing a role in heart and brain health and providing fat-soluble vitamins.

High training loads undertaken by athletes stresses many of the metabolic pathways where micronutrients are required; hence athletes often have higher needs not only due to increased stress but also because of an increased turnover of these micronutrients within the body.

Health Discovery Bars are convenient sources of readily available carbohydrates to provide energy before exercise or to contribute towards replacing energy stores after exercise. Each bar provides valuable protein and nutrient-dense fats to contribute towards daily requirements. The bars also provide a source of micronutrients such as iron, magnesium Vitamin B1 and calcium, depending upon your desired flavour. The bars are perfect to throw in your gym bag or training bag so that you’re never without something delicious and nutrient-dense when you need it.

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