4 Healing Foods To Get You Through Winter

4 Healing Food’s To Get You Through Winter

Sometimes finding the nutrients you need to stay healthy, can be found right under your nose. That’s right, challenge yourself this winter to an all-natural vitamin boost with the foods you eat, to avoid the infamous winter cold and flu!


In all its glory, ginger is significantly undervalued in our day and age. As a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine, this unexpected treasure assists in boosting your immune system and kills rhinoviruses that cause colds and flu. Simply grate or chop a 3 cm long piece and add to a cup of boiling water, or to your favourite herbal tea 3 times a day.


These Kiwi winter favourites are a must! Not only are citrus fruits packed with vitamin C to boost your immune system, but they contain high levels of fibre to keep you regular. Surprisingly they also contain high levels of folic acid (Vitamin B) which helps your body restore and produce new cells. Did somebody say natural healing? Go get ‘em! A few affordable examples are oranges, grapefruits and mandarins which can be found at pretty much any dairy, supermarket and fresh produce store.

Flax Seeds

As you may have already noticed, here at Health Discovery, we L.O.V.E flax seeds. We have them in nearly all of our products, due to their fantastic vitamin and mineral content. Not only are these tiny seeds affordable and full of fibre but they have healing powers of their own. Did you know that flax seeds are high in Omega 3 fatty acids? These healthy fats prevent and reduce inflammation, and help create and maintain flexible cell membranes. Again anti-inflammatory properties in foods are important to fight infection. The added benefit of flexible cell membranes means goodbye dry winter hair and skin!


In recent years, Kale has become one of the most popular vegetables out there. This Superfood is packed full of Iron for cell growth and regeneration, Vitamin A for healthy eyes and boosting your immunity, and Vitamin C which is a great anti-oxidant that protects your body against disease. This high fibre leafy green is a must in your winter diet. Be aware, Kale does need to be cooked before consumption. Boil it or fry it in a little bit of butter, the choice is yours. Kale is a great addition to your morning scrambled eggs for the boost you need to start you day.


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Written by Bianca Don

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